MOMKA Design is specialised in rapid prototyping and wants to deliver you the best model designed after your own ideas. Fascinated by 3D Printing technology and the love for making things, MOMKA Design was founded in 2014. Starting with FDM-printing using the Printrbot, we have years of experience building prototypes using 3D Printers. With the Form1+ we are now using the best desktop 3D Printer to deliver prototypes to our customers.

We bring your designs to life. This can range from simple toys to jewellery and high-end engineering prototypes. After we receive your design there are 6 steps in the printing process:

1 – Checking the model (is it printable?)

2 – Setting up the print (adding supports)

3 – Sending you a quote

4 – Printing

5 – Cleaning (removing supports)

6 – Sending your print!

NB. If needed, it is possible to work with a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

All our prints are made using the Form1+. This high resolution 3D Printer uses the SLA (Stereolithography) technology which is an additive manufactoring proces. Resin sits in a tank and is being cured by a laser, layer by layer. We use different types of resin for different purposes. Check the different materials below.

The accurate laser makes it able to print the X and Y axis at a resolution of 300 µm. The Z axis resolution (layer height) that can be chosen is 100 µm, 50 µm and 25 µm.

Our Clear Resin has the same properties as our White, Grey and Black Resins. It is able to capture the finest details while maintaining its strength. The smooth surface finish ensure the model is clear as glass after sanding and polishing.

Very useful when designing tubes, lenses or art.

Our White Resin has the same properties as our Clear, Grey and Black Resins. The strength and precision of our white models make it perfectly suited for rapid prototyping and product development.

Very useful for models that need to be painted.

Our Grey Resin is perfect when you are looking to paint your model during finishing. The material has the same properties as our Clear, White and Black Resins. The smooth surfaces make sure only a little sanding is required where supports have been removed.

This is a multi-purpose material useful for making engineering prototypes, rings, toys, art, etc.

Our Black Resin has the same properties as our Clear, White and Grey Resins. It is ideal for models with delicate features and fine detail.

Useful for art, toys, prototypes, etc.

Our Flexible Resin has great elastic properties. You can bend and compress it which makes it useful when designing models that need to be impact resistant or ergonomic.

A very useful material when designing toys, seals, telephone covers or stamps.

Our Castable Resin is well suited for direct investment casting. During casting it does not leave any residue or ash behind. Moreover the material is able to capture the smallest details and the smoothest surfaces.

A very useful material for Jewellers and Engineers.

Our Tough Resin is well suited for models that need to be durable, tough or adaptive. Use it for engineering challenges which cause a lot of strain and stress on the model.

A very useful material for snap-fit joints or rugged prototypes.